Service Sales Discount Incentive (SSDI)

30.07.2016 – 20.09.2017

Service Sales Discount Incentive (SSDI)


End date:
  September 19th 2017   SSDI Visual
Requirements for PSS partners:
  75% Attach Rate, 70% Renewal Rate  
Combined with   None  


This Promotion is to enable Service Sales Discount Incentive (SSDI) implementation via Distribution Route to Market for eligible partners to purchase Partner Support Services (PSS).

SSDI is an incremental performance - based incentive for partners. Once transitioned into the Cisco Services Partner Program (CSPP), partners who  gain  access  to  PSS  can  also  qualify  for  SSDI  and  therefore  earn  an  incremental  rebate  of  10%  by meeting sales performance requirements.

Please contact your Comstor Account Manager for more information on this promotion.