Comstor Helps Power Nova Datacom’s Next Stage of Growth

Government Integrator Achieves 190 Percent Year-Over-Year Growth Counting on Comstor – a Westcon Group Company -- for “Cradle-to-Grave” Support

Tarrytown, NY, September 27, 2010 – For the past three years, Nova Datacom has quietly made a name for itself as one of the market’s leading government integrators. Achieving an unprecedented 190 percent year-over-year growth by working alongside Comstor – a Westcon Group company – Nova Datacom has developed a loyal base of federally-oriented customers who have come to rely on the company’s broad-based expertise in cyber security, business continuity, emergency preparedness, and governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

An SBA certified 8(a) minority owned business, Nova Datacom began pursuing opportunities in the federal market approximately three years ago. Working with distributor Comstor and drawing upon its vast array of manufacturer partnerships and public sector expertise, the company has secured contracts for the Department of Defense and other major government agencies.

Nova Datacom's expertise has not only enabled end-user clients to become more operationally efficient, but has also enabled these government agencies to focus on their true core directives – driving mission-critical operations and saving lives. Recently Comstor sat down with Ted Hallas, Executive Vice President of Operations at Nova Datacom, to discuss both the challenges faced by end-user clients and what’s expected from a distributor in today's competitive climate.

When did you begin to focus on the federal sector?
We really started focusing on the federal market in the summer of 2007, when we got our first federal engagement. In September of that year, we also got our SBA 8(a) minority status. Our success in serving the federal market revolves around the exceptional expertise we have developed in providing security solutions and related network architectures and technologies.

Early on, it was very important to establish a trusted advisor role among our clients. Our strategic focus on the federal market has enabled us to experience major growth over the last three years.

We are always working on high profile and sensitive projects with agencies like the Department of Defense (DOD). These typically involve conference bridging and enterprise-wide video collaboration deployments across many different sites. These installations are both classified and unclassified.

How has your focus on the federal market changed the operational nature of your company?
We’ve had to become more nimble and faster-to-market, and have had to think more outside the box as a company. Many new commercial players are pursuing federal funds because of uncertain economic climates in the private sector. That, combined with the current government economic policies, has created a fierce competitive landscape which has ultimately driven the pricing models down. Nova Datacom has avoided becoming a commodities player by continuously providing value and expertise far beyond that of a typical Value-Added Reseller (VAR), and has tried to be smart when differentiating ourselves from the '15 minute monopolies'. We want to advance some of these technologies that are drawing attention and be the one to quickly bring them to market.

How do you establish loyalty among your clients?
Loyalty comes from being a trusted advisor; we can earn our clients' trust in many ways. For example, provide operational planning and help our clients with fiscal responsibility. We also can use cutting edge security and technology lifecycle management skills to give clients a solid framework to ensure they’re able to continue operating efficiently. As our clients' trusted advisor, we don't take anything for granted and must remain at their side. We work with the vendors, OEMs and Comstor to make sure we’re providing those solutions best-suited for their specific environments. That has been the foundation of our success.

How has Nova Datacom's focus on services expanded recently?
Our services offerings are expanding exponentially. Now, we are probably doing less than 20 percent products and 80 percent service. Most of our product engagements are primarily product pull-through on our services contracts. For example, we might be running a business-outsourcing contract for XY agency, then they ask us to go out and evaluate videoconferencing solutions. We will go out and look at the competitive offerings and come back with a recommendation. This kind of thing has been very positive from a bottom-line perspective. Our margins have gotten higher, the competition has been eliminated and our partners are able to rely on our expertise to make more effective business decisions.

What is a common challenge among all your customers?
They are all trying to do more with less. For example, when evaluating a technology cycle refresh, they’ve got to contend with both new and legacy components in the enterprise, resulting in a mismatch of vendors. Not only do these technology gaps need to be addressed, but the demand for network uptime has become 24 x 7. This creates a difficult environment for them, so we try to help them identify, prioritize and optimize their investment budget to make them more productive where it counts.

How has Comstor helped you in succeeding with your federal customers?
Comstor has a dedicated public sector branch that helps us in all aspects of our business; it is really an extension of our capabilities--another arm of our company. You want predictability, and Comstor helps us achieve that. Also, Comstor helps us from cradle-to-grave for all the projects on which we engage; they expand the depth and breadth of our offerings and provide the geographic reach we need. They provide basic services we count on, such as asset tagging and inventory management. These things are very significant and go a long way.

At the end of the day, we trust Comstor. We know they care about our business. This applies to the entire organization--business development, inside sales, strategy, all the way up to Comstor's senior leadership. That care, trust and loyalty goes a long way with us, and the personal relationship is very important.

What is Nova Datacom's vision for the next few years?
Our growth has averaged about 190 percent year over year for the last three years. I would love to see that level of growth continue. I would also like to see us continue to grow our own inside sales staff. Currently, we have some amazing initiatives underway; we just expanded our physical operations by 12,000 square feet, we are building a network operations center, and a state of the art training facility. I can't foresee the future, but we are headed for predictable, sustainable growth. We aspire to be the leader in our peer group in the mid-tier 8(a) integrator arena.

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